Jumat, Juli 06, 2007

Using ScribeFire in Firefox

This plug ins is awesome. Now I can post to my blog directly from the browser, without visiting the blogger.com page. The login page in blogger.com sometimes take a long time to load. Now, I don't need to wait too long to post in my blog. Just click the ScribeFire icon in the bottom of the browser, an editor is opened. Typing the blog content, click the publish button, and my post sent to blogger. Hopefully with this, I could posting more content in this blog :)

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1 komentar:

wildan mengatakan...

scribfire ku gak berhasil, setelah proses publish, aku cek di blogqu ga ada posting baru, padahal di scribe muncul pesan sukses, kenapa ya. apa karena aku pake blog gratisan ya, help me pleaze…..