Jumat, Maret 30, 2007

Becoming an Aplication Developer (part 2)

I had my first PC in the year 2001, in the end of second semester of my first year. But instead to be more focus doing programming, I spent most of my time playing computer games. 'Cause of my addiction to computer games, I had a low GPA in my second and third years in my college. When my friends graduated, I was still retook lecture that I've failed.

My first application developer job was in my internship in my third years. Together with Iwan BK, my college buddy, we build an online registration system for our college. I've got many experience that I didn't get in classroom.

Next, I've joined Comlabs, building another online academic system. For all this years, web programming is the only programming method that I'm god of. I could only use Java to make an desktop application for the lecture task. Since I learn PHP for a software project lecture task, I had involved in many web project using PHP.

I've finally graduated from Informatics Department, with my final task 'Building CMS' :D It's just a very simple CMS, built using PHP and MySQL. Until now, I've made my living by doing web programming.

Right now, I'm developing an inventory application, web-based. It's my friend who ask me to build this application for his brother. This is the moment for me to make my first software product. I've had this plan for a long-long time, but couldn't make it cause I'm still too lazy and still addicted to play computer games in my spare time.

When this application done, I'll kept improved this application, and make another product, actualizing my dreams when I first touch the computer, to become an application developer ...

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