Jumat, Maret 30, 2007

Becoming an Aplication Developer

When I first know about computer, years ago when I was in Junior High School, I'm very excited. My friend introduced me to his computer games collection. Being able to type in DOS command prompt to play a game from a floppy diskette is my first thing to do with my school computer.

Soon I found a BASIC programming book, it took me to the next step experience with computer. In my dad school (my dad was a teacher), I could use their computer, an old 8088 PC, only capable running DOS 6.22. I created my first program using BASICA, then found out another variant of BASIC, GW-BASIC and QBASIC. I even used my pocket money saving to buy another BASIC Programming books, and rerite code in those books.

When I graduate from Senior High School, and preparing to enter University, Informatics Department come in my mind. My parents didn't want me to go to that department, cause of my miopya eyes. They afraid my miopya will getting worse, cause I would be sitting in front of the computer most of my time.

Even thought my parents disagree, I take the risk and choose Informatics Department in Bandung Institute of Technology. Looks like it's path of my life, cause I was accepted. My parents has to accept this and bless me to do my study.

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