Selasa, April 10, 2007

Powerful non free Programming Tools

Here the list of a powerful but, unfortunately, non free programming tools. I hope I could find a free-version replacement tools for these.

  1. Power Designer.
    To design a complex database, with many relation between entities, this tools is a must. Power Designer could make a CDM, and convert it into PDM, or you could reverse engineering existing database schema into PDM and CDM.
  2. Navicat
    Browsing database scheme, make new databases, grant privileges, build query from many joined tables. These functionalities are the Navicat's killer feature that I couldn't find in another MySQL tools (yet).
  3. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 + PHAkt
    Web programming with PHP+MySQL+ADOdb will be easier with this deadly combo. But I'm not prefer using Dreamweaver now,cause it mess with the code identation. I prefer using Notepad++ to edit all of my code, it's a powerful text editor. Dreamweaver is good to test a color, cause you could choose the color from color wheel or color diagram.
I hope this list is not get longer than the above item, and I hope I could find the replaement tools for the first 2 item. If you know, tell me, okay ;)

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Brillie mengatakan...

makasich yach buat artikelnya ttg power designer sangat berarti banget bual laporan kerja praktekku. oh iya, add aku dong jadi frend di blog kamu. begitu juga nanti aku sebaliknya. thanks